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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Connecticut Children's. Volunteers play an important and meaningful role in providing care to our patients and their families. We hope you find your volunteer experience valuable and worthwhile.  Please complete all required fields below to set up your  applicant profile and apply for a volunteer position.

Note: COVID-19 vaccines and flu shots are mandatory for participation in our volunteer program

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Placement in the Volunteer Program is based on current
needs, your availability, and department-specific

Because our needs are constantly changing,
please check back if you don't see
something that fits your present availability.

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Immunization Requirements

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signed by your healthcare provider must be
included with your application submission.

If accepted into the program, you will have a
maximum of two weeks to provide documentation
of either a 2-Step PPD OR negative QuantiFERON test.

I understand that any volunteer joining Connecticut Children's
during flu season will be required to show documentation
of a current influenza vaccination, and an annual vaccination
is mandatory for continued participation in the program.

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The documentation listed as required must be submitted
in order for your application to be considered complete.

If accepted into the program, would you be willing
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By submitting my application,I understand that Connecticut Childrens
will consider me for a volunteer position on the basis of the
information I have furnished on this application form, and that
any false, misleading or incomplete statements made by me,
or any omission of material fact shall prevent my volunteering or
shall be cause for immediate dismissal from my volunteer assignment.

I understand that the staff of the Volunteer Services Department
will be calling the references I have listed on this application,
and conducting a background check on me prior to being placed.
As part of the volunteer application process, and at any time
during my volunteer placement, I authorize Connecticut Childrens
or any of its affiliates to obtain the record of any conviction for
commission of a felony.